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We asked our Year 7 students to do a survey about the healthy habits of the students and teachers at IES Sierra de Gador.

Here are some of their fantastic projects for last year.





Let´s see if this year the results are similar or different.

Here you can download the xcel sheet that they have been using so far.




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We asked our students of 1 bach (Spoken English) to record a video interviewing a famous person who is aready dead and we called it “The Impossible Interview”.  Some of the intervews were amazing but this one is just a must-see.
Thanks to Mercedes Acién, Eva Caracoche, Alejandro Galiano and Anabel Benavente. Great job!!

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Do you like playing? Do you like using your mobile phone? If your answer is Yes, you will like this game: Quizizz. This has been a collaborative project designed by our bilingual team and the students, too. The results of the game are here:

game 3 4 eso

3 y 4 eso 2

1 & 2 eso a

1 2 eso b

By the way, if you would like to play it and find out how good (or bad) you are at it … give it a try:




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Day 11 at Sierra de Gador

My Last Day 

Buenas Tardes,

I had my first class today with Jose in English 1 (eso 1) where students were to present on bibliographies they wrote about famous people. After a few people presented Jose realized that a lot of the students had directly copied from a translator and it wasn’t their own thought process. Jose then explained the importance of writing on your own as you won’t learn anything new if you don’t and that he didn’t expect the students to be able to write at a mastery level, as they are still learning. I know exactly how the students feel because I am always nervous when writing something for my Spanish class and afraid of making mistakes, but I also understand I will never improve if i don’t make mistakes. As a famous quote reads “You will only fail to learn if you do not learn from failing”, which is really important idea when learning anything new. The next class was with Gilberto where I  read an article in English, then helped the students with pronunciation when they recited it back to me. Everyone had such good pronunciation and I barely had to correct anyone. My last class I had here was with Jose in English 2 (eso 2). In this class I talked about myself and the students asked me questions about my life, as this was my first class with these students. It was really fun to hear all of their questions and what they wanted to learn about me.

Today is my last day here and I’m really sad to leave tomorrow. Everyone has been unbelievably nice and I can’t believe the kindness everyone possesses here. I have been able to have the wonderful opportunity to spend three weeks in Berja exploring a town filled with culture, being able to share wisdom with students here, and most importantly was able to have an amazing experience. Once again I want to thank all of the students, professors, and everyone else I have had the pleasure of getting to know here. Everyone has made me feel comfortable and made my time here even more wonderful. I wish everyone luck in their life and hope good things will come to you.

Goodbye Berja, Callie

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Day 10 at Sierra de Gador


My day started off again with one on one with Mariola Bach 1 class. I had so much fun talking with the students today because they all came and spoke with so much excitement. They were really excited to speak with me and practice their english skills that, even though I hadn’t spoken with everyone in the class, many students returned just to practice more. After this I had English 2(eso 2) class with Mari Paz where we read an article about a famous Japanese inventor, who had invented some wacky things. It was funny to see that the students were unfazed that this inventor would write his ideas underwater on a waterproof paper and they were more interested in the words they didn’t know in the article! I had a lot of fun in this class going over and explaining various words to the children so they could further understand the article. After this I had technology class with Jose Antonio, where more students presented their carousels. It was really cool to see how much time and effort some students put into this project. Towards the end of the class the students wanted to take selfies and group photos with me since this was my last class with them. I really enjoy seeing how students don’t want me to leave!

Till tomorrow, Callie